BDSAA - Club Statements

BDSAA Environment & Ecology Statement
BDSAA is affiliated to the Angling Trust and like that organisation seeks to promote recreational sea angling by following a sensible and responsible approach to our seas. We encourage all anglers, young or old, to look after their future along with the future of those yet to enter the sport, by respecting the environment, leaving no litter on beaches, no discarding of rubbish at sea. By observing all mandatory permanent and temporary minimum size limits as introduced, in relation to fish removed for the plate, by returning to the sea all fish caught as often as possible, with minimum handling. To do this, we have adopted over the years, an evolving policy of less reliance on weight of fish caught, towards more on the awarding of points in various forms. Wherever possible fish brought to the scales for the sake of weight recording will be returned alive or taken for the plate or bait purposes.

BDSAA Future Assurance Statement
BDSAA are committed supporters of involving younger people in our pastime, we have a thriving Junior section and strive to educate, inform, involve and promote our recreation and aims to that group. We welcome young people*

BDSAA Membership & Equal Opportunities
BDSAA operates a membership criterion in accordance with the Equal Opportunities Act 2010, we are open to all regardless of; -

Potential members are advised that sea Angling can be both arduous and testing physically and mentally, and we follow our recreation in the natural world of the sea and sea shore environment.

*Young People & Safety
*Parents of children under 16 years of age will be expected to escort their child or make satisfactory arrangements for their supervision during club organised events. Children must be able to demonstrate that they can swim and are competent in and around water, before being allowed onto any boat chartered by the club. Parents of children participating in any club activity will be expected to conform with any safety advice given by any official of the club in pursuance of club activity.