Stewart Leach Cuckoo Wrasse 1lb 10oz

From Stuart Leach 07/02/2019
Boat match report Sunday 3rd February 2019
Cold, clear and calm conditions following the recent snow and bad weather to start with followed by rapidly freshening South – South South west winds at lunch time resulting in very choppy seas.
10 seniors fished (8 club members and two guests from Sidmouth Club). 2 boats used.
10 species of sizeable fish caught between the two boats.
Dog Fish, Pouting, Whiting, Conger, Ballan Wrasse, Cuckoo Wrasse, Pollack, Corkwing, Poor Cod & Mackerel. Stewart Leach caught a Cuckoo Wrasse (Male) of 1lb 10 ozs.
This was the first competition to be scored as 1st fish 15 pts, 2nd fish 5 pts and 3rd fish as 10 pts.

From Dave Graham 30/01/2019
Only 3 of us fished a very windy Lyme Regis. The only 3 species caught were Dogfish, Pout and Whiting.
1st was Jo Westlake: 5 pout, 4 dogfish 19pts; 2nd Phil Cocker: 5 pout and 2 dogfish 14pts; 3rd Dave Graham: 5 pout and 1 whiting 12pts. The next shore competition is on the 23rd of February fishing any 7hrs between 11am to 11pm.

From Dave Graham 09/01/2019
What a good start to the first boat competition of the year 10 angler fishing and 12 species caught between the two boats. The best fish was a Cuckoo wrasse of 1lb 2 ozs caught by Ross. This was also the late Christmas comp and 1st was Dave Graham,2nd Ross Lambert 3rd Sidmouth Phill.

News from Dave Graham and Stewart Leach who both attended the Wyvern Div AT meeting last night ( 16th April) held in Lyme Sailing Club. A good meeting, lots discussed ranging from the Sand Eel shortage and it’s possible causes ie over fishing in the commercial world to support EU demand, changes in climate and colder water. To the live capture of Wrasse to support the commercial Salmon Farms in controlling lice and other parasitic problems – there are currently three licensed boats operating out of Plymouth but we were told of anecdotal evidence suggesting that there may be boats more local operating to support this scheme. The A.T are working closely with Devon & Severn IFCA on the local implications of this type of operation. Wyvern are keen to get more clubs and anglers fishing towards the monthly catch, photograph and weigh, then release, schemes all now eligible for various monthly prizes. Photos MUST show the fish not necessarily the angler! This for positive species identification to be made. Fish may be weighed on the boats provided that certified scales are used and the skipper agrees the weight.
Anglers are reminded that the targeting and landing of Bass is forbidden – any Bass caught should be returned asap with minimum handling and low stress caused – if caught they may be weighed, photographed and entered into the monthly comps. THEY MUST NOT BE BROUGHT ASHORE if landed on the boats.
The Wyvern Division is thriving but needs help if you wish to assist in becoming involved then please do contact Mike Spiller and let him know how you can assist. The Wyvern website may be found either by following this link or via the link on the BDSAA home page.
There is to be a new Exmouth Shore Activity code of practice issued covering not only angling but dog walking and bird watching.
Netting in all estuaries is to be banned.
The new Skerries code of practice is now up and running for anyone fishing that area.
It is to be suggested at the next meeting that BDSAA undertake to support the Wyvern Region monthly 200 draw.

From Andy Osborne 19/03/2018
Saturday saw the March leg of the shore championship fished at Beer beach. The weather took its toll along with commitments to the Grizzly run the next day but 6 turned out to face the cold and snow.
The finishing was slow with only one Bullhuss being caught in daylight hours taken by Andy Osborne.
After dark the fishing improved but only slightly with Tim Mitcham landing a Whiting and Dogfish in quick succession.
Not to miss out Dan Ward was also soon into the fish landing a Dog and undersized conger. Tim was next to land a fish with a nice Whiting of 1lbs 1 1/4 oz 71% specimen weight (best fish on the night).
Andy was quick on his heels with another Huss.
This match saw the first time the new count back system was brought into play with Tim and Andy both scoring 7 points. As Tim caught more species he will be awarded the full 25 championship points for first place and Andy 20 championship points for second place.

From Andy Osborne 10/12/2017
Four of you made the trip down to Slapton to fish the November leg of the senior championship. It was a cold night but the fishing started off promising with dogs from the off.
Unfortunately as the tide hit its peak the fishing slowed up and the rain started to make a move in so it was decided to end the match early and make a dash back to the car before we got wet.
At the van the totals were added up and Tim Mitcham was announced the winner, joint second place went to Stewart Leach and Andy Osborne and third place was Steve "Swampy" Marsh.
Fish caught were Dog Pout and silver eel.

From Dave Graham 16/10/2017
Well done to Nigel, Mike and Les who all scored over 400pts with Nigel having the best fish of the day with a Red Gurnard of 1lb 4.5ozs 102.05% .The pairs have got new leaders Mike P and Nigel D knocking long time leaders Andy and Jo off top spot and down to 3rd with Garry and Les moving in to second. On the species Dave G is in the lead with 14 species Nigel 13 and Andy and Jo 12.

From Andy Osborne 27/09/2017
Last night was the September leg of the shore championship, with south-south east winds the sea had turned really dirty and this proved to be a factor in the fishing. 6 members fished with the best fishing coming from the rough grounds and the center section of the beach not producing (I don't think the presence of the seal that decided to take up residence right in front of the lads fishing there helped).
Dan Ward ran way with top spot in the night scoring 34 points, Second was Dave Foden with 17 and Darren Herbert took third spot with 15 points. Best fish went to Darren Herbert with a Thick lipped Mullet weighing 4lbs 1oz worth 95.58%. Last night was also the last match in the new summer series system:
Congratulations to Julian Driver on a storming return to the club in claiming the top spot with the best combined results for 4 out of the 6 summer matches.
1st Julian Driver 65 points, 2nd Wayne Burgess 54 points, 3rd Dan Ward 46 points.
All still to fish for with the last 3 matches counting towards the winter total and of course the overall shore championship.

From Andy Osborne 23/08/2017
Saturday night/ Sunday morning saw the August leg of the senior shore championship.
11 anglers took the the beach heading to locations like Chesil cove, Weymouth, Cogdon, Lyme and Seaton. A total of 96 fish were registered on the score cards by 0900 Sunday morning spread across 13 species.
Top rod of the night went to Julian Driver with 53 points from a combination of fish including Conger, Dogfish, Mackerel, Plaice,Pouting and Smoothounds.
Best fish for the night went to Ross Lambert with a dogfish of 2lbs 6oz 95%. Ross also landed an undulate ray of 11lbs 7oz 87%.
The top three rods on the night were:
J.Driver 53 points, G. Bickers 40 points, R.Lambert & A. Osborne 27 points.
A big thank you for everyone that turned out to fish this match as it ends up taking over the whole weekend with the time taken for prep and cleaning down and sleeping Sunday, so your support is appreciated as is that of the Wives and girlfriends.
A final thanks to Chris and his team at Seaton Tackle shop for making sure the kettle and griddle were hot ready for the much needed Bacon sandwiches and cuppa at the weigh in.

Harvey Dyer with all time record Ballan Wrasse 7lb 0oz 140% at Seaton beach 9th July 2017.

From Dan Ward Junior Report - 28/07/17
This months  junior shore match was due to be fished at Branscombe but was changed to a Rover as the beach was going to be too busy on such a gloriously sunny day. 3 juniors decided to give it a go in Seaton and Beer, including new member Harvey Dyer on his first ever fishing trip. 10 fish were landed: Ballan wrass corkwing wrass and pollack.
1st Harvey Dyer 17pts, 2nd Devon stone 16pts, 3rd Riley Osbourn 1pt.
When the comp ended the boys fishing beer decided to carry on as it was going so well and still had a few worms left to use. And what a great idea that turned out to be when Harvey landed his 7lb Ballan wrass 140% specimen! Not only a new junior record but smashes our historical record which has stood at 5lb 6oz for the last 25 years and also the Wyvern regions junior record that stood the past 38 years! Joining our other hall of famer Dave Graham on the regional records list. What a way to start . We'll done Harvey, so glad I was there to see it. I would also like to thank Seaton kayak/angling centre on behalf of Harvey for donating a winners prize.

From Andy Osborne 18/07/2017
Saturday saw the July senior shore league fished. It was an Area "D" rover undecided winds saw anglers trying different locations Lyme Regis, Hive, Cogdon, Weymouth and Portland.
13 members took the the shore and landed 48 fish for 5 species (Pout, Dogs, Silver eels, Ballan wrasse and flounder).
Top rod went to W. Burgess with 25 points, 2nd G.Bickers 16 points, 3rd D.Graham 14 points.
Best fish on the night was Dan Wards 1lbs 14oz dogfish giving him 75%.
Next match is 19th Aug all night any area rover 1900- 0900 weighing in at Seaton Tackle shop.

From Andy Osborne 19/05/2017
Last Saturday saw the May leg of the senior championship, it was booked to be fished at Seaton but with strong winds forecast leading up the the match it was changed to a rover.
The top scores came from Wayne Burgess and Darren Herbert fishing Lyme and both scoring 17 points
Second was Dave Graham scoring 15 points, third went to Julian Driver with 8 points.
Two stunning fish were landed at Seaton beach the first was a Plaice for Dave Graham weighing 3lbs 9oz 142.5% and the second  a Ballan wrasse for Julian Driver weighing 4lbs 1oz 81.25%.
The wind and rain did show all be it later then expected but that didn't deter Tim from stoking up the hob in the back of his van a knocking up some much needed bacon butties at the weigh in.
The next match is at Branscombe on the 17th June 1800-0100 fishing against Honiton for the lively lady cup, will be good to see another good turn out and bring home the victory.

From Dave Graham 09/05/2017
Another good boat competition good weather 10 species caught on the day not bad for May. It was good to see a few Mackerel .
1st went to Mike Patten on his comp this year with a score of 303.65. 2nd was Dave G with 297.02 and 3rd went to Andy Osborne.
Best specimen went to Andy Osborne with a Cuckoo Wrasse of 1lb 3ozs 95%.

From Dave Graham 22/02/2017
Another good boat competition for the time of year calm seas plenty of fish 10  species 3 new club records broken; Ross with a Pollack and Dave Graham with a Cuckoo and Ballan Wrasse.

From Andy Osborne 05/02/2017
Saturday the 4th Feb saw the second round of the senior shore championship which was held at Lyme Regis. 9 turned out to fish what turned out to be a nice evenings fishing even if we did get a lashing from the heavy rain for the first 30 mins of the match. Three of us headed to the main beach to fish the sand in search for the bonus flat fish close to the shore line and the others opted to fish from the harbour wall areas.
44 fish were entered on the score cards with 5 species: dogfish, pout, silver eels, flounder and plaice.
It was reported that the guys fishing the harbor wall also had a couple under sized bass and conger so plenty of fish were showing. The only flat fish were caught from the main beach in the form of place and flounder.

From Andy Osborne 23/1/2017
The first shore match of 2017 took place on Saturday with 10 anglers turning out to face flat seas and a cold night. Unfortunately the season started as slow a it ended last year with the fish making everyone work for the points.
25 fish were entered onto the score sheets whiting, pout and dog fish.
First place was shared by 3 anglers all scoring 11 points - D. Graham, D. Herbet and G Male were the top guys. Well done to all that fished and hello and welcome to the new members that fished for the club for the first time.  See you all at Lyme Regis on 4th Feb for the next round.

From Dave Graham 10/1/2017
Well what a start to the new year 10 anglers enjoyed a fine day both weather and fishing. 11 species were caught -not bad for January. Stewart Leach landed the first specimen of the year with a 1lb 5ozs cuckoo Wrasse but most surprising thing we caught 3 summer species: Garfish, Red Gurnard and also 3 Bream and well done to Jo Westlake his first competition for 2 years and came out first with 433 pts.

From Andy Osborne 6/12/2016
Saturday saw the final match in the 2016 senior shore comp. The match took place at Seaton and saw 6 seniors and 1 junior turn out to see what the last match would produce, the answer was not a lot! The fishing was very hard going with only 4 fish being registered and one of those was for Indi.
We ended with a three way tie for first place so it was down to specimen size to sort out the prizes.
1st went to Paul Driver with a dogfish of 1lbs 10 1/4 oz, 2nd was Dave Graham Dogfish 1lbs 9 1/2 oz
3rd was Dan ward with a whiting of 4oz.
The final standings for 2016  are........
Shore Champion Dave Graham 164 points, 2nd Andy Osborne 104 points, 3rd Tim Mitcham 82 points.
Pairs Champions Dave Graham & Gary Male 167 points, 2nd Tim Mitcham & Stewart Leach 124 points, 3rd Mike Pattern & Andy Osborne 106 points.
Thanks to all your support this season and hope to see you all next year starting off on Saturday 21st Jan fishing Bexington 1800-2300 with the bonus fish being Cod.

From Andy Osborne 11/09/2016
The 10th September saw the Lyme bay trophy and our club match held at Seaton. It was fished from 1800-0000 to say the fishing was hard is an understatement 45 fished the match with more than half the field failing to register a bite.
The winning side was Axe Valley with 55 points Beer second with 14 points westbay third 10 points Lyme 4th 5 points Honiton 5th 4 points.
I am really proud with our second place as we had the second lowest turn out (5) Honiton had the lowest with 2 (think both clubs suffered with various holidays clashing with the date).
From a club match side of it the match was all about Dan "big dog" Ward (guessing hes changed his name as that was how it was written on the score sheet).....
Dan bagged Ballan wrasse and dogfish to claim first place. Dan ward 13 points, Tim Mitcham and Darren Herbert 7 points Andy Osborne 3 points. Dave Graham was absent from this match but is still topping the table.

From Andy Osborne 24/07/2016
July 23rd saw the July area "D" rover. With the beaches being crowded and the start of the school holidays 6 of us managed to make it onto the beach. 3 elected to fish Lyme and 3 of us decided to make the 2 1/2 hour trip to Portland/Chesil cove (you got to love holiday traffic).
The fishing couldn't have been more different; Lyme was hard work but Chesil cove was alive with mackerel chasing whitebait which proved to be a problem as you couldn't get a bait to the bottom and if you did the rod tips were bouncing all over due the the mackerel crashing through the lines.
Anyhow 7 Species were caught: Mackerel, Pout, Eels, Ballan Wrasse, Dogfish, Scad and Bass with the bulk of the fish coming from the cove end.

From Dan Ward, Junior Leader 23/06/2016
After a long wait the 2016 junior shore series has begun. May’s comp was changed to 5th June and fished at Lyme harbour. 5 anglers competed and 18 fish were caught. Mostly blennies and a few corkwing and ballan wrass. Max Nevel came first winning a reel kindly given by our good sponsor Seaton angling centre.
June comp was fished on a drizzly Beer beach. 4 anglers competed catching 6 fish between them ballan wrass and 1 corkwing wrass. Best fish brought to the scales was a ballan of 2lb 4oz caught by Indi Ward who won a nice float set given again by our  great sponsor Chris Chappell at Seaton angling centre. See Results page for all results.

From Andy Osborne 29/03/2016
Rather unlike us we somehow managed to pick the best day of the weekend to fish!!!! and 11 senior anglers turned out.
The sea was flat the sun was out and Mr Leach was back in a Tee shirt so all was looking good for the match.... unfortunately that is where the excitement ended for most.
The water was dirty and the fishing slow with only a few Dogfish showing in daylight and Tim Mitcham finding the only Mackerel in the sea.
It didn't pick up much after dark which was evident in the score sheets with Dogfish, Pout, Rockling Conger and The Mackerel making up the bag.
Top rod went to  Dave Graham with 16 points, Second was claimed by Mike Pattern with 13 points
and third was shared between Dan Ward & Paul Driver on 11 points. Dave Graham also won best specimen on the night with a 1lbs 14oz Dogfish. 

From Andy Osborne 29/01/2016
Well the year started as last year ended, with the planned shore match being changed to a rover due to forecast weather conditions. 7 turned out to face the wind and rain and managed to enter 41 fish onto the score cards.There were 5 Species recorded :-Pout, Whiting, Rockling, Flounder & Silver Eel.
First out of the blocks this year was Tim Mitcham with a score of 29 points comprising a mixture of Silver Eels, Pouting and Rockling. Second went to Dave Graham scoring 24 points with Eels Pout Rockling and a Flounder. Third spot was claimed by Dave Foden with 14 points entering Eels Pout and Whiting.
Note the lack of dog fish not one was caught on the night!!! where have they all gone???

From Matt Cornell 25/11/2015
The November Boat comp was fished on Ssunday on what was probably the coldest morning of the year. 11 Anglers set out from Beer beach in search of the first whiting of the year, this proved a little disappointing! But probably a bit early still. 12 species caught in total and we are still catching plaice in the bay (best plaice 2lbs 7.5ozs). Best specimen on the day was a pout of 2lbs 7.5 ozs (82%) caught by Matt Cornell.
Top Angler on the day was Stewart Leach with 319.20  2nd was Richard Westlake 272.07 and Dave Graham was 3rd with 237.50.

From Andy Osborne 19/10/2015
Last night saw the October leg of the shore championship, the match was due to be held at Brixham but was switched to a rover due to adverse weather being forecast. Most members had the same idea headed to Seaton but other members opted to try their luck at West Bexington and Branscombe.
The winner on the night was Darren Herbert with 29 points, Second was Dan Ward and Dave Foden scoring 21 points Third place went to Andy Franklin with score of 20 points. Andy Franklin also took the best fish of the night with place of 2lbs 8.5 oz 92%.

This week also saw the final stage of the Summer series,this was fished at Branscombe and the results on the night were:- Darren Herbert 15 points, Dan Ward 14 points, Scott cooper 8 points. Big congratulations to Darren on becoming the 2015 Summer series Champion, also a massive thanks to Dan Ward for stepping in and running the summer series for me this year.

From Matt Cornell 13/10/2015
October's Boat comp was fished on Sunday with 11 Anglers braving the strong Easterly winds. Fishing was hard going for most as the wind was fighting the tide. Jo Westlake was the standout angler on the day bagging 8 species including a nice Bass of 7lbs 2.5ozs. for a total of 387.69pts, 2nd was Matt Cornell 266.96pts and 3rd was Andy Smitherman with 250.68.
Andy Osborne bagged the best specimen of the day with a cuckoo of 1lbs 3.5 (97.50%).

Max Nevell All Time record Gilt Head Bream 1lb 15oz.

From Dan Ward, Junior Leader 19/07/2015
Max Nevell has set the bdsaa club record for gilt head bream! An achievement no club member has managed in our 53yr history so not only a junior record but earning himself a place in the coveted all time historical records too - well done Max. The fish weighed in at 1lb 15oz and was caught on Seaton beach in area C.

From Dan Ward, Junior Leader 16/07/2015
This months junior competition on Sunday 12th was fished at Branscombe. 3 juniors turned out to fish and 4 ballan wrasse were caught. It was hard work with a choppy sea and a bit of weed about but sheltered from the wind. All the fish came from the eastern end of the beach though a few good bites were missed up the western end. Indi Ward took first place and a pack of rig winders given by Chris at the Seaton angling/kayak centre. Tristan Cooper and Oliver Rodger were both tied on second place.

Tristan Cooper record Ballan Wrasse 2lb 15oz.

From Dan Ward, Junior Leader 01/07/2015
The junior competition on 28th june at beer beach was a great success with fish coming in from the first drop of a line. The Ballan Wrass record for Area C was set then broken another four times during the competition. The title finaly went to Tristan Cooper at 2lb 15oz 58.75%. Five juniors turned out landing 18 fish between them. Ballan shannies and tompot blennies were all caught.
Points for the day were:- 1st Indi Ward 28pts, 2nd Max Nevel 13pts, 3rd Tristan Cooper 10pts, 4th Archie Sweetland 7pts and 5th Harvey Cooper 1pt. Indi won a box of rig bits given by our sponsor Seaton Angling Centre. Well done everyone who fished without a doubt our best competition yet.

From Andy Osborne 08/06/2015
Saturday night saw the June round of the Senior shore championship this was also the Shore leg of the Lively lady against Honiton, well the sun was out and the turn out was good from both sides.
Beer won the match 431.3 V 394.68.
Plenty of variety in fish were caught including: Bullhuss, Dogfish, Smoothounds, Conger eel, 3 Bearded Rockling, Ballan Wrasse, Pout and Sole. The results were:
1st A. Osborne 50 points; 2nd D. Herbert 39 points; 3rd D. Graham 29 Points
Turned out to be a night for big fish with 3 area "C"club records being broken. Andy Osborne took the Smoothound record with a hound of 7lbs 2oz (93.75%) Darren Herbert took the Ballan Wrasse record with a wrasse of 3lbs 5½oz (66.89%).
Archie Sweetland took the Junior Shore record for smoothound with a hound (almost as big in length as Archie himself) of 5lbs 15oz (74.21%).
Darren Also landed a 3 Bearded Rocking of 1lbs 10½oz to claim a specimen with 110.41%.
Well done to all involved on such a great nights fishing and a big thanks to all the anglers of Honiton Sea Angling Club for such a close run match.

Tori Ward Blenny
Tristan Cooper Ballan
Harvey Cooper Record Rockling

From Dan Ward, Junior Leader 01/06/2015
31st May saw the start of our junior series competition held at Lyme Regis harbour. It was a bit windy but the sun came out to brighten things up and all opted to fish below the high wall which is well sheltered. 4 juniors attended who managed 7 fish and 3 different species between them. It was almost four when unfortunately Tristan lost a conger eel close in. His brother Harvey managed a new junior record 3 bearded rockling of 7 1/2 oz. Tristan took first place winning a pack of rig winders kindly donated by Seaton kayak/angling centre. Results are:
1st. Tristan Cooper 10pts, 2nd. Tori Ward 7pts, 3rd. Harvey Cooper and Indi Ward 4pts. Well done everyone see you at Beer beach for the next one on the 28th June 15:00-18:00.

The pictures show Harvey with his rockling 71/2 oz, Tori Ward blenny and Tristan Cooper Ballan. See gallery for a larger picture.

From Matt Cornell 17/05/2015
With the Feb, March and April boat comps cancelled due to bad weather it was great to finally get out and catch some fish. Species included mackeral, pout, dogfish, ballans, cuckoos, pollack, bullhuss and a nice cod for Carl. We ended the day drifting for plaice and managed 16 between the boats which was nice to see.
Top score on the day was Matt Cornell 258.72,  2nd Ross Lambet 203.72, 3rd Dave Graham 191.12. Best specimen was John Cornell with a Dogfish 2lbs 4ozs (75%)

From Andy Osborne 26/04/2015
Last night saw the April leg of the senior shore league, it was booked to be fished at Hive beach Bruton Bradstock. Upon arriving at the beach it was soon apparent that every club other club in England must have had the same idea as it was rammed with different clubs all fishing the same location. At this point it was decided to turn the match into a any area rover match weighing in at Charlie's yard Beer at 0030.
Some headed to Ferrybridge others fished Charmouth, Seatown and Seaton.
The best fishing was had by Scott Copper fishing Charmouth managing to find Bull huss, Conger Eel, Dogfish, poor cod and Rockling for a total of 27 points.
Second place was taken by Stephen Andrews with dogfish, pout and Smooth hound from Seaton and a points total of 9.
The next match is Cogdon on 9th May.

From Andy Osborne 09/03/2015
Saturday night saw the March leg of the senior shore championship fished at Branscombe. It was a very good turn out with 11 seniors and 1 junior making to the beach. Results were very mixed with the far left of the beach producing the majority of the action and as you got closer back to the car park the fishing slowed up.
6 Species were caught (bull huss LSD, 3B Rockling, Ballan Wrasse, Pollock and whiting).
1st Darren Herbert 50 points, 2nd Andy Franklin 24 points, 3rd Scott Cooper 21 points.
Congratulations to Scott Cooper and Darren Herbert on both claiming current club records in the match. Scott Copper Bull Huss 7 lbs 11oz, Darren Herbert Ballan Wrasse 3 lbs 6oz.
Next match Burton Bradstock 25th April 2015.

From Andy Osborne 09/02/2015
Saturday night saw the second shore match of the year and with plenty of fish in the January comp there was a lot of speculation as to how this would fish.
As this was a rover match it meant that any flat fish was worth double points and this was a major factor in the locations fished.
The majority of points coming from Lyme Regis area (for those lucky enough to find a flounder or two) but this also was the location of least points.
Abbotsbury produced a steady stream of whiting and a few LSD and other areas were patchy with reports of 5 bearded rocking being plentiful but not counting to the score sheet.
Well done to Archie Sweetland (a junior member) for taking on the adults and managing to find a flounder for his efforts and showing the seniors how to catch target species.

From Andy Osborne 25/01/2015
Well what a start to the 2015 shore championship, claim sea, little chilly but no frost on the inside of the beach buddy(unlike the last match) and plenty of fish, are you sure it's a January match.....
There was no time to ease into the season slowly with the whiting and poor cod hitting everything from the start, then just before dark the dogs turned up this seemed to be the rotation for the rest of the night with the odd pout and a 3 bearded rockling making an appearance.
Congratulation to Darren Herbert and Robin Griffiths for hitting the bonus fish and finding the cod.
And to Stewart Leach on landing a specimen whiting of 1lbs 9oz (104%).

From Dan Ward - Junior Leader 15/12/2014
Well thats the end of our first year for the Junior series. 4 juniors turned out to brave the cold at Seaton beach and held their own fishing alongside the Seniors in the Xmas Fayre. The whiting just kept coming! Archie, Indi and Max were tied on 11 points each so the winner was decided by who stayed on the longest. Congratulations archie who fished the full 6hrs with temperatures as low as -1c and still smiling come the end. He went home with a lovely spinning rod given by our sponsor Chris Chappell at Seaton Angling Centre and a £10 tackle voucher. Max got 2nd place and a £10 voucher, Indi and Tori came 3rd and 4th both collecting a £5 voucher. Best fish was a whiting of 10oz for Tori. Also congratulations to Indi who won the series overall with a score of 49 points and Max who was runner up with 41. Thanks to all the kids and parents  who supported this competition throughout the year. Hopefully we will see you all again next May. Tight lines - Dan. Click Here for Junior Results.

From Dave Graham 15/12/2014
Well that was the last competition of the year and a cold one at that -my beach buddy had frost on the inside and out. As for the fishing it was Whiting all night with a few Dogfish and pout but Robin did manage it sneak out a Pollock . The top 3 were 1st Terry Hartnett 21pts, 2nd Froggy 19pts, 3rd Robin Griffiths 16pts. Terry had the best fish with a whiting of 1lb 8ozs 100% -it should have been 2lb plus but it was so thin. Well thanks to all that fished through out the year best luck to Andy and Dave as they will be running the shore competitions next year - DG.

From Dan Ward - Junior Leader 24/11/2014
Congratulations to Max Nevel on winning the Branscombe leg of the junior series. Four juniors took part and eleven fish were caught - all dogfish. Max took home the winners prize of a reel given by our sponsor Chris Chappell at Seaton Angling Centre who also gave two sets of feathers to each of the other juniors who took part. Thanks Chris. Points awarded were:- 1st Max Nevel 11pts. 2nd Archie Sweetland 7pts. 3rd Indi Ward 5pts. 4th Tori Ward 3pts. Well done to all who took part in what was a relaxed and friendly competition.

Matt & Chris being presented with the trophy by Steve Sweet, host skipper of Amaretto IV.

From Matt Cornell 13/11/2014
Four clubs took part in the Lyme Bay Boat Trophy at Lyme Regis on Sunday 9th November 2014, LRSAC (Lyme Regis), West Bay, Honiton and Beer, with Chris Sweetland and Matt Cornell representing Beer. This was an eight hour Number of Species competition with a difference – after four hours fishing, competitors moved four places around the boat and fished the final four hours in a different position.

The best fish caught, as far as points was concerned, was a smoothhound caught by Bill Cassar closely followed by a plaice and a tub gurnard caught by Matt Cornell. Both representative results were then added together to create a team total.Three of the clubs finished quite close together as far as points were concerned and they all finished on seven species caught. The runaway winner by over a hundred points was Beer Sea Angling Club who caught 11 species totaling 288 points. Congratulations to Matt Cornell 164 pts and Chris Sweetland 124 pts.

The picture shows Matt & Chris being presented with the trophy by Steve Sweet, host skipper of Amaretto IV. See gallery for a larger picture.

Indie Ward Mackerel 430g
Indie Ward Pout 240g

From Dan Ward - Junior Leader 19/08/2014
On Friday August 15th 2014 Indi Ward went fishing out of Lyme Regis aboard Steve Sweet's Amaretto 4 over a wreck called bagitano. He caught a mackerel weighing in at 430 grams and pout 240 grams according to Steves calibrated scales. These should both be new junior boat records as I dont believe any have been claimed for area D. See gallery for pictures of these fish.

From Dave Graham 06/08/2014
Well I will call this a hard days night. We signed on at Beer Football club at 4pm and all went various ways for a hard night fishing the wind was very fresh from the southwest but to make thing worse after all the hot weather it kills some seaweed and we had that horrid green stuff on our lines all night. The fish were hard to come by, mainly Dogs but DG and Dan did manage to catch a Dover Sole each. At the 8am weigh in at Seaton Tackle shop Paul Driver, on his first shore comp this year had the best specimen with a Dogfish of 1lb 14.5 ozs. After a bacon butty and a cup of tea it was off to bed of a few hours sleep.

From Dave Graham 24/07/2014
Tthe shore fishing was not a lot better with anglers spread from Seaton to Brixham there was still a shortage of fish. Well done to our new member Robin he came out joint top with Scott on 19 points and DG was close behind with 17 points. The next comp is the all nighter  fishing from 4pm Saturday 2nd to 8 am Sunday 3rd. Sign at Beer football club at 3.45. The weigh in is at Seaton Tackle Shop at 8.15.

From Dan Ward - Junior Leader 21/07/2014
The second junior comp was fished at monmouth beach lyme Regis today and we are pleased to welcome another new member, Ethan Anderson. Archie Sweetland caught a silver eel which unfortunately was the only fish caught. But well done Archie who is now leading the competition! Points awarded are. Archie sweetland. 4; Indi ward. 1; Tori ward. 1; Ethan anderson. 1.
Next comp is at Branscombe on Aug 10th, hopefully the fish will show up too! Tight lines.

Relaxing at the Anchor Inn

From Dave Graham 01/09/2013:
Beer & District Sea Angling Association (BDSAA) V England Anglers
On Saturday 24th August BDSAA fished against the England anglers in a Boat Competition as part of the 50 year celebrations, unfortunately losing by 257 to 162, but a great day was had by all.
For Beer on Sambe were C Sweetland 45, L Bradbeer 34, A Osborne 11.
On bord B Jean were D Graham 42, R Sweetland 22, D Hutchings 8 giving a total of 162.
For England on board Sambe were C Searles 56, C Newbold 43, I McLean 40
On board B Jean were R Shattock 48, M Patton 47, R Ashby 23 giving a total of 257.

From Dan Ward - Junior Leader 22/06/2014
We had 3 members present for our Seaton Shore competition, including our newest member Tori Ward. Fantastic weather with a calm sea but unfortunately no fish were caught.
Points awarded were: Indi Ward 1; Tori Ward 1; Archie Sweetland 1; Tristan Cooper Dnf 0.

From Dave Graham 22/06/2014
Well we found a few more fish this time at Budleigh Salterton, but had a job to find a space to fish as the beach was packed with people enjoying the good weather! The bonus fish was Mackerel but unfortunately they failed to show. Dave Graham caught a small one and Ross managed to find the scad, but they were all under size, as was his Tub Gurnard. So most of the catch was Dogfish and Pout with Froggies 3 Smoothounds. This was also the Lively Lady comp against Honiton but we came in a poor second as Honiton caught some good size specimens, the best being a Dogfish of 2lb 4ozs.

From Dave Graham 06/05/2014:
Well the weather was very kind to us this time but the fishing was slow. I caught the first bonus fish of the year with a plaice that gave me 8 points. All the other fish caught were Dogfish. I had the best fish of 2lb. Hope the next competition is better as we are fishing against Honiton for the Lively Lady shield at Budleigh.

From Dave Graham 10/04/2014:
What an awful competition last Saturday with thick fog until 10pm then it lashed down with rain. The fishing was no better only 10 fish caught 11 anglers fished but the tackle loss was very heavy. Ross went home early having run out of leads, Stewart and Dave lost 6 to 8 lots of gear. This is normally a clean beach so I guess that the winter storms have done more damage to the sea bed than we all realised. Just hope the next one at Cogdon will fish better.

From Dave Graham 27/03/2014:
8 Anglers fished the first shore comp of the year - the first two were called off because of the weather. If you are wondering why the scores are so low we have now adopted a catch and release scoring system.

From Matt Cornell 23/03/2014:
At last we had a chance to get out for a crack at boat fishing, the first time in 2014. There were some great fish caught, well done to Dave Graham for being top score (325.83%) and a cracking whiting of 3lbs 1ozs (87.50%). There were 9 species in total, including a nice plaice (well done Stew!).

From Dave Graham 26/11/2013:
Dave reports that only 7 fished the last comp of the year; the ones that stayed at home must have had some inside info as the fishing was rubbish and only 5 fish were weighed in. The best fish went to Dan Ward with a Dogfish of 1lb 8ozs. Hope to see a few more anglers fishing our first  shore comp at Abbotsbury on the 18th of January.

Relaxing at the Anchor Inn

From Dave Graham 01/09/2013:
Beer & District Sea Angling Association (BDSAA) V England Anglers
On Saturday 24th August BDSAA fished against the England anglers in a Boat Competition as part of the 50 year celebrations, unfortunately losing by 257 to 162, but a great day was had by all.
For Beer on Sambe were C Sweetland 45, L Bradbeer 34, A Osborne 11.
On bord B Jean were D Graham 42, R Sweetland 22, D Hutchings 8 giving a total of 162.
For England on board Sambe were C Searles 56, C Newbold 43, I McLean 40
On board B Jean were R Shattock 48, M Patton 47, R Ashby 23 giving a total of 257.

From Stuart Leach 12/07/2013:
Beer & District Sea Angling Association (BDSAA) Raise £1,500 in donations to the R.D & E Neonatal Unit.
The weekend of Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd June 2013 was planned to be the duration of a 50 hour long Fish – A – Thon by members of the BDSAA devised to raise money in this, the clubs fiftieth year, for a cause very close to the hearts of members, the Neonatal Unit at RD&E.
As with all marine environment related activities the weather plays an important part of the life of a Sea Angler, this event was to be no exception.
The event commenced on Friday as planned, with the fine voice of the Seaton Town Crier announcing to one and all that the effort was to begin. The Mayor of Seaton Councillor Gaynor Sedgwick kindly came along and cast the first line.
Friday afternoon and evening found a very good presence of club members fishing along the beach at Seaton in the area of Fishermans Gap. Sadly very few fish made their presence known, with just a few Mackerel falling to the copious and varied amounts of bait being presented to them.
Perhaps the fish knew what we had been told and that was that the area of Lyme Bay along with the western channel was to be hit by gale force winds over the weekend. The met forecast showed repeated warnings of winds of 6 – 7 with gale force 8 expected all from the south west & west direction, the winds coinciding with the largest tides of the year.
Safety is paramount and as a responsible club the decision was taken to call off the event in order that anglers were not put in jeopardy, with that done anglers fished until midnight on the Friday and then retired from the beach.
BDSAA would like to thank all the members of the public who supported this effort and all those who made donations in support of individual anglers, the money raised was £1500, a superb effort. The remaining balance of hours to be fished will be, over the next couple of planned club matches.
BDSAA would like to extend a vote of thanks to Seaton Town council, Karin Frewin the Town Development Manager, Seaton TIC and Seaton Tackle Shop for their valued support.

From Chris Sweetland 16/06/2013
We fished our second summer series match on Thursday night, With plenty of colour in the water hopes of catching anything were low, but it turned out to be a good nights fishing. The Smooth hounds were on the feed, snapping up Hermit and Peeler crab baits, the best Hound of the night went to Paul Driver which tipped the scale at 5lb 3oz. The best fish prize went to Ross Lambert with a small eyed Ray of 6lb10oz, he also had a Dogfish of 2lb1oz.
Winner on the night went to Andrew Franklin with a score of 223.13pts, in second place was Chris Sweetland with 206.25pts, and 3rd was Ross Lambert 205.31pts. 

Last Sunday Dave Graham fished in the civil service match on the Bristol channel and managed to Break a Club record, he caught a Starry Smooth hound weighing in at 16lb 8oz. Cracking fish and well done on the club record.

From Chris Sweetland 07/06/2013
Fish_A-Thon Friday 21st June 12:00 noon to Sunday 23rd June 14:00 at Seaton Beach.
Raising money for the Royal Devon & Exeter Neonatal Unit with a 50 hour fishing marathon.
Everyone is welcome to come along to support the club and try your hand at fishing, enjoy our fresh fish BBQ. CHildren are very welcome.

Archie Sweetland Dogfish 1lb 10oz
Chris Sweetland Plaice 2lb 6oz

From Chris Sweetland 26/05/2013
Eleven Anglers fished this month's shore comp at Branscombe. With a very fresh N/W wind blowing the sea was flat but conditions were still testing, albeit dry. It proved to be a very hard nights fish, with May water covering all lines and hooks being snipped by spider crabs. Species caught on the night were Plaice,Smooth hound, Dogfish and Pout.
The hounds were coming to hermit/peeler crab and a few good bites were missed.
Chris Sweetland was 1st with 259.69pts, 2nd went to Dave Graham with 224.77pts and 3rd went to Luke Bartlett with 186.88pts. Chris also had the best fish of the night, a plaice of 2lb 6.5oz.

First in the junior section in his first club competition went to Archie Sweetland with a score of 86.25pts.

From Matt Cornell 24/05/2013
At the beginning of the week it looked certain that yet another boat comp would fall victim to the bad weather, but as the week progressed the winds eased and FINALLY!!!! we could fish. Fishing out of Dartmouth aboard the African Queen with Plaice top of the agenda everyone had a fantastic days fishing. The comp was fished on a catch and release basis and with 111 plaice being caught the majority were returned, which was great to see.
Top angler on the day was John Cornell 240pts who had a nice plaice of 3lbs 3oz. Dave Graham was 2nd with 225pts and four anglers tied for 3rd with 190pts. The Boat Championship is now headed by Joe Westlake 760pts, 2nd Matt Cornell 590pts and John Stevens 3rd with 586 pts.

From Chris Sweetland 30/04/2013
In near perfect conditions 16 members of Beer Angling club fished the April shore comp on Saturday 27th April night. On a very busy beach, there were fish being caught from the off, with plenty of Dabs, Plaice and Smooth hounds coming to the beach. The better fish seemed to be coming from the western end. The top 3 on the night all fished in that direction.
In first place with a score of 187.05%(3 species) was Luke Bartlett, 2nd went to John Adkin on 181.14%(3 species) and 3rd was Terry Harnall with 175.34%(4 species).
Top Junior was Elliot Driver with a score of 138.44%, he also managed to catch his first ray from the shore, a thorn back of 3lb 9.5oz, and 2nd in his first club match was Indi Ward with 60%.
The venue of our next match has changed from Cogden to Branscombe as the road from Axminster to Bridport is closed for the night, fishing time remain the same(16:00-23:00).

Stuart Leach's Bullhuss 5lb 14oz
Carl Beckett's Pout 3lb3oz
Brian Moss's Thornback 5lb10oz,Pout 3lb1oz

From Chris Sweetland 05/03/2013
Beer & District SAA fished their first boat competition of the year on Sunday 24th February. After leaving Beer beach at 8am in freezing conditions, the boats made their way to the marks to start fishing. It turned out to be a good days sport, with most anglers managing to get 4-5 species including Pout, LSD, Ballen and Cuckoo Wrasse, Dab, Smoothound, Thornback Ray, Plaice, Herring and Mackerel. A good days fishing was had by one and all with the highlight being a Massive shoal of Mackerel which kept one of the boats busy for 30 minutes in the snow!!!
The best fish of the day went to Carl Beckett with a Pout of 3lb 3.5oz(107%) The top 3 were :-
1. Joe Westlake with 585.21%(8 species), 2. Chris Sweetland with 424.57%(6 species), 3. Matt Cornell with 399.96%(6 species)
It was also the first leg of the inter club match against Honiton, which Beer managed to win with 1265% against Honiton's 1112%, So a nice advantage to take to the 2nd leg.

John Adkin 3lb Plaice

From Chris Sweetland 17/2/2013
John Adkin, a member of Beer & District SAA fished Chesil beach on Saturday 16th Feb morning, after flats, with ragworm as bait, fishing was slow with just the odd pout and whitting coming in, then a little bite progressed into a bigger bite, wound in to find this beauty on the end. Weighing 3lb exactly, its hopefully a good sign for thing to come.


From Chris Sweetland 13/2/2013
On Saturday 9th we had our February rover, fishing any area, for 8 hours from 10am-10pm.With members heading off both East and West hopes were high of a few fish turning up.
Fishing in drizzle and lite rain, the fish were hard to come by with most coming from Chesil Beach. Fish caught on the night included Bullhuss, Dogfish, 3 and 5 Bearded Rockling, Pout, Pollock and Conger.
In first place was Chris Sweetland with 268.39(Ferrybridge), 2nd went to Julian Driver with 206.25(Cogdon) and 3rd was Steve Woodman with 180.42(Seatown). Best fish was a Dogfish of 2lb 0.5oz for Luke Bartlett(Beer Head).
Our next comp is on the 16th March at Branscombe.

Ross Lambert 2lb 11oz dogfish

From Chris Sweetland 10/1/2013

A few of us fished Branscombe last night, it was a fish a cast, with LSD, pout, whiting and a single flounder coming in. 4 dogs over 2lb including a fine specimen of 2lb11oz for Ross Lambert.

Photo of Ross Lambert's 2lb 11oz dogfish.

From Chris Sweetland 7/1/2013
Saturday night saw the first shore competition of the year, fished at Abbotsbury, hopes were high of some good fishing. The comp was fished from 4pm til 10pm in very good conditions.
Fish caught on the night included Dogfish, Pout and Rockling. The winner on the night was Chris Sweetland with a score of 205%, in 2nd was Julian Driver with 198.75% and 3rd in his first match for BDSAA was Steve Woodman with 191.25%. Top Junior was Elliot Driver with 199.17%, and best fish went to Steve Andrews with a dogfish of 2lb 1oz (82.5%)

From Chris Sweetland 18/12/2012
Beer and district SAA fished there last club match on Saturday night at Seaton, in a strong SW wind. It was hard fishing but there were a steady stream of fish coming ashore. Species caught on the night were Bass, Dogfish, Whiting, Pout and Rockling.
The winner on the night was Dave Graham with 223.75%, in 2nd place was Andy Franklin with 221.40% and 3rd went to Julian Driver with 185%. Best fish was a Dogfish of 2lb for Julian.
And all this meant that with a score of 2342% Dave Graham is Beer & District shore champion for 2012.
Also the junior champion for this year went to Elliot Driver with a score of 1148%.

Anyone who is interested in joining the club, please feel free to come to our signing in night on 2nd January at Beer social club at 8pm.

From Chris Sweetland 06/12/2012
We fished the last boat comp on Sunday in near perfect conditions, Matt Cornell came first with 395.35, 2nd was Andy Osborne with 356.90 and 3rd was Chris Sweetland with 322.29. Best fish was Andy with a pout of 2lb15.5oz.
This all meant that Matt Cornell won the boat championship this year with a score of 2935, Chris Sweetland 2nd 2857 and John Stevens 3rd with 2816. A close finish to a great years fishing afloat. After the weigh in all the anglers said a big thank you to John Cornell for all his hard work this year.

From Chris Sweetland 20/11/2012
On Sunday 18th the boats left Beer at 8am and headed east towards the Tennents, It was a cold start to the day but as soon as the sun came up it was ideal fishing conditions. The boat comps are fished on a ruling of catch 1 of as many species as possible.
The fishing was better in the morning as the tide pushed on, with the last of the summer species coming in, Mackerel were hard to catch, plenty of small Scad, and only 1 bream, so probably say good bye to them until next july.
There were 10 species weighed in, LSD,Bream,Mackerel,Pout,Ballen and Cuckoo wrasse,Pollock,Red Gurnard,Scad and Whiting.
Sunday's winner was Matt Cornell with 665.12% that included the 2 best fish of the day, a Red Gurnard of 1lb 8oz and a pout off 3lb 1.5oz. In 2nd place was Jon Stevens with 553.54% and 3rd was Joe Westlake with 446.83%. Joe also had a specimen Red of 1lb 4oz.
A great day was had by all and with 1 competition to go the top 4 are separated by 140 points.

From Chris Sweetland 14/11/2012
At the AGM it was agreed that John Cornell should be made a life member of the club for his long membership and hard work during those years. Changes of officers can be seen on the Officers page.

From Chris Sweetland 06/11/2012
Saturday 25th was the October rover and it was very hard going in strong S/E Winds.
The winner on the night was Dan Ward, who was fishing his first club match for Beer, with a score of 219.17, 2nd went to Scott Cooper with 186.25 and 3rd was Dave Graham with 185.42.
Best fish on the night was Scott with a LSD of 2lb1.5oz from Beer beach.

From Chris Sweetland 30/10/2012
Saturday 27th Oct was a Chesil rover fished from 4pm-10pm, It turned out to be a nice evening with plenty of fish, 1st Place went to Dave Graham with a score of 427.98%, 2nd was Julian Driver with 387.50% and 3rd with a score of 344.17% was Andy Osborne. Best of the juniors was Elliott Driver with 225%.
The best scores came from West Bexy, and fish that were caught included LSD to 2lb1oz, Mackerel, gars, plaice, pout and plenty of whiting. 
Dave Graham and Julian Driver both had specimen whiting of 1lb9.5oz and Stuart Leach had a specimen whiting of 1lb 8oz.

Winners Leon and Scott Rice
Beer Boat Gang

From Chris Sweetland 23/10/2012
Sunday saw the Lyme bay boat fished out off Beer, in good conditions aboard Sambi. Fishing was ok with a good selection of fish coming aboard. The winners on the day were Honiton with a score of 972, Lyme Regis came 2nd with 838pts and Westbay were 3rd with 731pts.


From Chris Sweetland 18/10/2012
The club AGM is on the 7th November and all club members are encouraged to come along, 8pm in the club.

There will be a bus for the next shore comp at Ferrybridge on 27th October, please phone Chris or Dave to book a place.

Western Outcasts win Westward Trophy

From Chris Sweetland 18/10/2012
The Westward trophy was fished on Sunday 14th October, and the weather played its part, As a club we finished up in 6th place(which is 2 better than last year). Western outcasts won the competition, with Honiton 2nd and Watchit 3rd. We did have 2 zone winners, so well done to Ross Lambert and Julian Driver.

Photo of Western outcasts collecting the Westward Trophy.

Rob Sweetland Kenya Fish
Rob Sweetland Kenya Fish


From Chris Sweetland 18/10/2012
Here are some photo's of Rob Sweetland's fish from his holiday in Kenya. He had 2 sailfish, up to 29.2kg (thats the 1 in the photo), 2 Golden travelly to 7.5kg, Rob also caught 3 kingfish and a Dorado.


Archie Sweetlands first fish


Congratulations to Archie Sweetland for landing his first ever fish - a whiting of 5lb. Dad say's that he is very proud.



Lyme Bay Presentation

From Chris Sweetland 01/10/2012
Results for the Lyme Bay Trophy 2012:
1st West Bay 143 points, 2nd Lyme Regis 78, 3rd Beer 68, 4th Honiton 40.
Top Individual Scores: 1. Mark Wickenden 26pts (West Bay) 2. Simon Skinner 24pts (West Bay) 3. Chris Sweetland 17pts (Beer).

Photo of Chris presenting the Lyme Bay Trophy to Mark Wickenden of West Bay.