BDSAA - Fixtures

Below are the latest fixtures, see locations for map of the beaches.

Rules - see also BSAAA Rules page

All small boats entering any club competition are to ring Paul Driver (Shore Safety Officer) or any senior officer of the club if Paul is unavailable, before going to sea, and to ring again when they have returned ashore.
There must be a minimum of 2 competitors on each boat.
All boats must be up to safety standards and carry a range of safety equipment.

2018 The small boat competition this year will be run as follows:
Dates will be left open for B.D.S.A.A small boat anglers to decide when to fish (i.e Good weather conditions). The results will be calculated by taking the highest percentage of 5 fish of different species caught from a small boat throughout the year. Any fish caught must be registered with the small boat secretary,(Les Bradbeer Phone 07850 584633 or 07759 9206585 or email within 7 days of capture.