January Winner
Jo Westlake won the boat competition with a 4lb 6oz Whiting.

Winning Catch

Tight Lines
A splendid evening's fishing.

Tight Lines
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Lyme Tackle
Seaton Angling Centre

BDSAA - Rules

Competition Entry Criteria
1. Competitions will be split into two categories, open to all or closed to members of BDSAA only.
2. Open Competitions shall be unrestricted but BDSAA reserve the right to refuse entry to any angler.
3. Closed Competitions shall be restricted to those members of BDSAA who have paid their subscriptions for the year, or are exempt under BDSAA Life Membership status.
Entry Times and Registration/Departure/Finishing Times
4A. Entries must be made for BOAT Competitions no later than 10 minutes before the launch of the boats.
4B. Entry for Beach Competitions must be lodged with the Beach Secretary or their deputy at least 60 minutes before the start of a match, unless otherwise agreed in advance.
5. In the interests of safety, Competitors leaving a BDSAA organised Competition prior to any publicised “weigh in” or reporting time, will be required to report their departure to the Competition Secretary.
6. Except where otherwise determined by the Match Official at the start of any Competition, finishing times shall be deemed as follows ;-
Beach Competitions – The stated time of any “weigh in”.
Boat Competitions - The time that the Boat should be back on shore.
Score Sheets or Fish for recording will not be accepted any more than ten minutes after the stated finish time.
Stewards – Disputes & Adjudication
7. All BDSAA Competitions will have a named Steward in charge, for Beach Competitions this will be the “Shore Secretary” or nominated deputy. For Boat Competitions each Boat will have a named Steward on board.
8. Stewards are responsible for ensuring that any dispute is resolved satisfactorily or set aside for decision by the Association Committee at a later stage. Identification of species will rest solely with the nominated Steward in charges, Their decision will be final.
9. The decision as to whether or not any Competition goes ahead will rest with the appropriate Secretary or Steward in charge.
10. Boat Competition Stewards will be responsible for ensuring that Boats leave final fishing marks in time to get back to the beach in order to meet the Finish Time as per Rule 6.
11. Any late arrival on the beach will result in anglers being disqualified unless that lateness is due entirely to factors outside their control, these may include errors in navigation by the boatman, mechanical breakdown, delay brought about by offering assistance to other craft. This list is not definitive.
Club & Other Records, Trophies & Awards
12. For the purposes of association records, specimen size accreditation and recording, Angling Trust Geographical Divisional boundaries shall apply.
13. All association trophies are perpetual and remain the property of BDSAA. Championship trophies will be accompanied by a miniature for retention by the angler, all awards will have a certificate recording the success.
14. Certificates will be awarded to anglers recording any fish that equals or exceeds stated Angling Trust specimen weights.
15. Records will be kept in respect of eligible fish caught by members. Notifications of each catch must be made using the appropriate forms within 7 days of the catch, by the angler to the Fish Recorder. Two witnesses are normally required, but certificates of weight issued by a Fishmonger, Tackle Shop or official of another club will be accepted. This rule will be waived for fish caught by paid up members during BDSAA organised events or Competitions.
Competition Scoring and Results
16A. Boat Competitions 2018 :- Three fish of any species to count ONLY in each competition anglers will be awarded an escalating points system follows :- 1st Fish 5pts, 2nd Fish 10 pts 3rd fish 15 pts. Giving a maximum of 30 points per species.
16B. Shore Competitions 2018: - Anglers will be awarded points based on a prescribed value against each species, a monthly bonus fish will be allocated. All fish must meet the minimum size limits set down by the Angling Trust. Results will be recognised in a new points system seeing the first placed angler awarded 20 pts, 2nd placed angler 15 pts, 3rd placed angler 10 pts with remaining anglers being awarded points as per their eventual place in finishing. (9 pts down to 1 pt.)
17. Results of all competitions boat or shore held from, or at, venues outside of our nominated AT Region shall count towards all club trophies, however minimum size limits shall relate to those areas accordingly.
Eligibility for Annual Awards
18. All subscribed members are eligible for all awards except for individual championship Trophies’ which are restricted to either adults or junior dependent on age. A junior is someone who has not reached 16 years of age on the first of January of any given year. For the purposes of determining junior champions points earned regardless of whether they were earned in adult or junior competitions will be recorded separately from the adult leagues.
19. Shore Angling
  An angler shall be permitted to have up to a maximum of 2 rods set up with reels, lines and traces attached at any time. (Any extra or alternative rod may be stowed away from the Beach Rest but must terminate in a normal fashion with no trace or hooks attached.
An Angler shall be limited to no more than a combined total of Three (3) single hooks
Two Pennell mounted rigs , one on each rod at any time
Two (2) single hooks on one rod and one Pennell on the other*
*Pennell’s count as one hook in two rod competitions (provided that the distance between the two hook eyes is less than 10 cm) and in one rod Competitions as two hooks.
19A. Boat Angling
  An Angler may use only one rod at a time. A maximum of three (hooks) are permitted. Treble hooks count as one. Spare rods may be assembled and set up with reel attached and line through the rings but must terminate in a swivel or similar attachment with no trace or terminal tackle (unless stowed away from the angler’s position on the boat when they must have no bait on them).
20. Anglers fishing on small boats within a BDSAA organised Competition must wear an approved life preserver whilst on the water. Points may be deducted if anglers fail to comply
21. Anglers fishing on boats chartered to club Competitions and classed, as “Big Boats” should ensure that they are familiar with all safety information and procedures on the boat, life preservers may be worn if desired by any angler.
22. Shore anglers must exercise caution at all times and should under no circumstance jeopardise their own safety for the sake of a result. See further advice below.
23. Juniors are to fish with an adult at all times.
24. Any BDSAA Competition may be cancelled, curtailed or delayed by the nominated Steward in charge in the interests of the safety of anglers.
Illegal Activity
25. Anglers are reminded that it is illegal for recreational anglers to sell their catch.
This is set down by the Marine Management Organisation. Any BDSAA member found to be contravening this rule may have their membership cancelled or refused.
*Where a Charter skipper retains all or part of a catch it is for them to ensure that they are licensed to do so.
26. These rules are binding; all members of the association shall be bound by them.
The decision of   BDSAA committee or delegated official shall be final in regard to the following: -
The awarding of Trophies and Certificates, Trophies and Prizes.
The Committee or delegated official shall be empowered to disqualify any competitor failing to observe these rules.
27. These rules shall be amended under normal circumstances at the BDSAA AGM.
Emergency amendments may be made by members convening an SGM or the committee if needed, any amendment then to be subject of ratification  at the next AGM.
  BDSAA is a member of the Angling Trust, their rules and conventions may be found by visiting the Angling trust website http://anglingtrust.net
BDSAA meets on the first Wednesday of January and every other month there-after (Bi Monthly), all members are welcome to attend these meetings, where they shall be entitled to speak on any item brought up under any other business but will not be entitled to vote.
The AGM shall be held in October or November.
The AGM will decide officers of the club and changes to rules, subscriptions rates and any other business brought to the secretary at least two weeks before the published date.
BDSAA competitions will be run on single and pairs basis for both boat and shore competitions. The best four scores from each member of a pair will be used to determine overall placings. Pairs partners shall be drawn as early in the year as is practicable.
Subscriptions / Membership / Competition Fees
  Membership subscriptions shall be payable in January of each year.
Rates for 2018 are £20 for Adults, £1 for Juniors & £10 for Senior Citizens. These fees include subscription to the Angling Trust. All BDSAA members are covered by the insurance arrangements of the AT.
BDSAA Competitions will have an entry fee of £1.
Mini species are not normally permitted in BDSAA Competitions unless expressly noted on the score sheets before the event. Mini Species may be recorded for Club and other record purposes.
General Advice

Fishing is a recreation; however it can be dangerous, anglers should where ever possible, avoid fishing alone. If unavoidable someone else should be aware of your fishing location expected start and finish times.
It is always a good idea to have noted a grid reference of a static point somewhere in the area, so that should the need arise assistance may be directed to a definite start point or meeting point, a car park or beach café or similar are good examples.
Anglers should always ensure that mobile phones are charged, and any weak signal points known.
Personal clothing and equipment should be up to the task, taking into account weather forecasts.
Anglers should fish within their own limits, don’t go trekking miles if you are not well enough!
Look out for and become familiar with beach and boat safety equipment.

BDSAA has volunteers with HM Coast Guard as members please make sure you have their numbers stored in your phone, they will offer advice and if needs be assistance.


  BDSAA members are encouraged to be as environmentally friendly as possible, to look after the sea and seashore. Litter and unwanted fishing equipment should be removed from venues and disposed of responsibly. Fish should be returned to the water as soon as possible with minimal handling.